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What's around Birley?

By aimeeRA 10 Aug 2018

Are you new to living in Birley Halls? Are you wondering what is around the area? How to get to the town centre? Then here's a list of things to do, important places to know and the relevant transport around the area.

Just a 5-minute walk from the Birley accommodation, it's an easy route to get your daily shopping or fill up your tank.

Kim by the sea
Kim by the sea is a café situated in the middle of Hulme with great tasting grub and alcoholic drinks. The café is great for meeting friends or just stopping for a pint on a sunny day, it has amazing eccentric décor so go check the place out.

Transport to the Town Centre
In order to get to the Town Centre, there are a number of buses you can get on. The bus stop is outside of Co-operative on the opposite side. The bus numbers are 263, 250, x50 and 86.  

Hulme Community Garden Centre
This is an unusual, unique garden centre with a difference. The garden centre helps the community by bringing people together through gardening. It helps socially excluded groups in the community and provides lots of plants and herbs with a community café which is so funky.   

McDonald's & KFC
You will be pleased to know that there is a McDonald's nearby Campus and a KFC to get your fast food fix. Find them at 100 Princess Rd, Manchester.

Oxford Road
Oxford road is nearby with lots of vibrant shops and takeaway joints. As well as pubs so you can pop in for a pint and watch the football. This is only a 15-minute walk from Birley Accommodation and is perfect for a nice vibrant city walk.

Buzz Rocks
This is Ian Brown’s favourite takeaway in Manchester. It's a Jamaican jerk chicken house. Try the gravy it's incredible! You'll find this on 166 Stretford Rd, Manchester M15 5TL.

Enjoy Hulme!