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How to have the best group presentation

By MariaRA 07 Nov 2017

As a first year, you will encounter multiple challenges, making your own food, doing your laundry and showing up to class on time. One of the  most common struggles once you show up to class is group presentations. 

That moment when you are randomly paired up with someone who will eventually decide your grades destiny. 

Here some tips to make the most of a bad situation and get you the grade you deserve!

Presentations are not only made to judge your knowledge on a subject, but also your creativity, public speaking and teamwork.

Presentation is KEY. 

Chose a colour scheme or an outfit idea that you all follow. For example all black or all white shirt black underneath. 



  1.  Have a common structure in each slide. Add the mmu logo, but also something of your own group to make it stand out.
  2. Make the font you choose the same on every slide. Be sure that the font highlights from the background
  3. Make it interactive (add some moving images) just not too flashy.
  4. Don't put too much text on the slides, it is not a hand-in. Main 3 key points of the topic + a visual. (graph/picture)
  5. Take them to the presentation day printed so the tutor can go through them as you go and make notes and comments. 
  6. If you want to go hat extra mile, also print our what you say on each slide so the tutor can  remember when she/he/ze grades it.

Public Speaking (More on this coming soon!)

Most of you might not know much about  it, and that is okay.  However it is necessary for every line of work where you have to pitch an idea or present a report. So here some tips to make it a bit less painful.

  1. Make eye contact. 
  2. Slow down. It is better to stop and think than making no sense.
  3. Practice as MUCH as you can.
  4. Pay attention to your body language (Don't have your arms closed or move to much your hand or your legs)


I know you are not used to it, but in the end the main part is that it is a group presentation. This means that in order to work you have to:

  1. Communicate. Allocate what each one of you is going to talk about and show it to the rest before the presentation
  2. Practice together! You never really know if you are right with the timing unless you practice as a group
  3. Be honest with each other.
  4. Be respectful. This is a must, I know some might put more effort than others, but you always have to find a way to make it work.