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How to deal with noisy neighbours when in private housing

By ResLifeAshleigh 28 Jan 2019

Manchester is one of the most diverse and lively cities, which is great! But sometimes it can get reallyyyy tedious and annoying. Student halls have their perks because you can call the on-site security team ... but if you live in private housing, you don't always have that option. 

However, you can contact Manchester City Council’s Licensing and Out of Hours Team on 0161 234 5004. The team cover the whole of Manchester and respond to domestic and commercial noise complaints. Every cloud! 

If you live in private housing and need to make a complaint or report an issue, head over to the Manchester Student Homes website, give them a call on 0161 275 7680 or call the Council Out Of Hours team on 0161 234 5004.