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How to be organised

By MariaRA 23 Feb 2018

By now you've heard it a thousand times... "In order to be successful at uni you must be organised". However no one ever, tell you how to do it. So here I leave you with some tips that might help. They are organised with the level of commitment you want to spend on being organised, from 1 to 5, 5 being the most organised. 

  1. Write things down. It doesn't have to be a special app, or even your calendar, it can be just a piece of paper, but write down your exams key dates, your appointments, your nights out (if you plan in advance) This, even on a post it or a word document, helps you map out your time better, just by making the dates something that can be seen. 
  2. Know your limits. Don't overbook yourself! This one is just common sense. It is better to to do 5 things right, than to let down your friends or miss deadlines. Life is short, but it is even shorter when you try to put two days in one. 
  3. Colour Code: Reminders!! Another thing that can be facilitated with your IPhone or Android. But if you like keep it real and on paper, colour code with post its or highlighters. 
  4. Plan Ahead. This is the part I believe makes the world charge. And the true difference between doing well or not so much. If you know you have two exams three days apart, don´t study 2 months for the first one and 3 days for the next one. THAT IS NOT GOING TO WORK. Choose study days, divide them by two, assign a day per topic. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. 
  5. Live by it. Here my friends, is the key to making in it to the other side. If you don't respect your organiser, then it was all for nothing.  Check your calendar every morning to see what's next, write everything you plan down. Spend 10 min every other day to keep on top of it and to plan study sessions. If you start studying a month in advance or two, you will see how less stressful it all becomes. 

All of these are here as a guide, you can apply them to taking notes, to grocery shops and to anything you want ,remember, write it down, know your limits, colour code, plan ahead and live by it.