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Day Trip: Hebden Bridge

By DimitriosRA 22 Oct 2017

Looking for a day out of Manchester or Crewe? Surrounded by breathtaking countryside, Hebden Bridge has been voted as the "fourth funkiest town in the world", the best small market town in the UK and "the greatest town in Europe".

Hebden Bridge is located only a short train journey from Manchester Victoria Station. The maximum journey time is 45 minutes, the train runs directly between the stations and your return ticket will cost you less than £10. When you arrive you will be greeted by a traditional British train station with green surroundings. A little further down towards the town of Hebden Bridge there is a big park by the canal making your stroll to the town a magical one!

When you arrive in the town centre, only about ten minutes walk from the train station, you will sense the quirky vibes this town has to offer. Whether you like, eating, drinking, shopping or just relaxing in nature there is something for everyone.

If you are looking to eat there are various places to choose from. My favourite is called ‘The Blitz Tearoom’ where you can enjoy wartime themed 1940's dining at reasonable prices. Upstairs there is the ‘Emporium’ shop where there are bath and body products. These are made on the premises from natural ingredients and high-quality oils.

If the weather allows you can buy your drinks and head to the main park where everyone goes to enjoy the weather and meet new friends. If the weather has other plans, however, there are various places in the town around the market area where you can enjoy various drinks and Hebden Bridge’s own gin.

If you like shopping then head to the market area of the town. There are no high street shops in this town which makes it very special. The shops are all independent offering a variety of unique products, most of which are handmade.

Lastly, if you are an explorer Hebden Bridge offers majestic hikes through nature. I have personally walked along the river all the way back to Manchester! Time flies when you have good company. If you wish however you can walk back to Todmorden and get the train back to Manchester.

When it was suggested I visit Hebden Bridge I was quite hesitant at first, but its vibes drag me back every now and then in order to escape the tempos of the city of Manchester. Give Hebden Bridge a try and see for yourself!