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Adulting: the untold truth

By RAMariyam 08 Feb 2019

Ever wondered what being an adult feels like?  Or if you're doing it right? Stuck in limbo? Don't worry, you're not alone.

As we grow older we learn that things aren't always as simple as they look, as amazing as life can be, we realise there are harsh truths we all need to face. In this post, I've outlined 5 harsh truths I've had to face as I grew up. Take notes kids, this is your guide on "How to become a fully-fledged adult." 

1. Responsibilities

As we grow old our responsibilities increase. A reality we all need to face is that all the things we took for granted require an actual effort, when the groceries run out we need to actually go out and buy them. I know right, shocking! 

2. Less free time
Free time? What's that? When we are younger we have limitless amount of time to fill with our wild adventures, but no money to fund them, as adults, we might have all the money in the world but less time to fulfill them. Seize the day whenever you can and don’t become a workaholic. Life is about relationships and experiences, though the world will try to make you forget that.

3. Change of interests
One of the most subtle and surprising things about growing up is you will become a person that the high school version of you would have made fun of mercilessly. You'll find yourself watching show's about people buying a house and you will be commenting with genuine interest. It's better to just embrace this. It's more fun than it sounds.

4. Patience 
The more able you are to wait for the good things in life, the better they will be. From money to relationships to career goals, rushing towards the finish line is a sure fire way to miss out on a lot of valuable lessons and cheapen the things to accomplish on the way. Slow down. 

5. Things will get monotonous
One of the easiest traps to fall into as an adult is routine. I enjoy having my days, weeks and months planned ahead of time, it's important and even enjoyable to know what lies around the next corner, but don’t let your life get too boring. You will have to make a conscious effort to seek out new things, plan out new activities and be spontaneous. Inertia is a hard thing to overcome, but it is worth it when you do.

Being an adult isn't an easy game, it takes a lot of effort, change and time, but the journey is worth the while. The best thing about being an adult?

Unlimited freedom.