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5 things to do when you have settled in

By aimeeRA 24 Aug 2018

As an RA, I'm always keen to share some of my knowledge about making the most of your time at uni. I've therefore come up with my top 5 things to do when you have settled into accommodation.

These are important things that you will be thankful you had sorted out earlier rather than later. 

  1. Doctors & Dentist
    It's important to register with your nearest doctor's and dentist's clinic in case you have any issues whilst you're here. You'll be under the student registration and this will allow you to be registered at your home address and your student address. 
  2. Keep Taxi numbers handy 
    Always useful after a night out, it's best to have a couple of trusted taxi numbers saved in your phone. 
    Street Car Taxi's: 01612287878
    Club Car Taxi's:  07093066016
  3. Join a society 
    There is no need to be lonely or feel isolated at uni! Find like-minded people who are interested in the same hobbies as you by joining a society. The Union hold events and societies that you can take part in to help you find friends. You can even inquire to hold your own society if nothing takes your fancy. 
  4. Become familiar with the campus 
    Get to know the places around you, use a map of the campus to know where your lectures are and places you can study. The map will have important information on such as libraries and printing services. 
  5. Enjoy & embrace it
    Your first few weeks will feel like a whirlwind of information and excitement, just embrace it and get stuck into uni life!