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3 Manchester museums you NEED to visit

By DimitriosRA 08 Oct 2017

These attractions are some of the most interesting places I have visited in Manchester.

Some are quirky and others are just too real, the things they show you can even be quite challenging...Let’s go!

  1.  The Manchester Museum
    This museum is located on Oxford Road within the University of Manchester campus (you will spot it if you get on the Magic Bus). You can't miss the building as the architecture is outstanding & keep an eye out for the giant crab in one of the windows! The museum has a variety of exhibitions, some are permanent whilst others are rotating - check their website for their latest must-see events.

    Entrance is also free with your MMU student ID card!You might have even heard about the moving mummy of Manchester. Yeah, you read that right. A moving mummy... I personally think the Egyptian history exhibition is perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the museum. The T-Rex skeleton is also quite fascinating. When you visit, ask one of the friendly staff to tell you more about the mummy and the other fascinating stories that happen every now and then when the lights of the museum turn off!

    Opening times: Daily 10am - 5pm 
    More information:

  2. The Imperial War Museum.
    This museum is technically not in Manchester but it’s right next to us in Media City, Salford. Packed with history, most of it is modern which makes the experience really relevant to us today. Within the museum, there are aircraft, war machines and much more to explore. It also has free entrance! If I had to choose, the most memorable and moving piece of the exhibition, it would be an actual piece of the fallen twin towers. I was amazed by the sheer size and the history surrounding this piece. Media City is not to be missed after having been at the museum. It offers a variety of places to eat and relax, a large outlet mall as well as other exhibitions to visit.

    Opening times: Daily 10am - 5pm
    More information:

  3. Museum of Science and Industry
    Here you can learn all about Manchester’s industrial and scientific past in this museum in Castlefield, just a short walk from the main MMU campus. Five listed historical buildings contain everything from a Victorian sewer you can walk through, a jumbo jet engine, to an air and space gallery! This museum is also free of charge. After spending time in the museum, you are right in the city centre so you take a walk down to the Castlefield basin for a bite to eat, have a drink or just relax in the sun if the weather allows.

    Opening times: Daily 10am - 5pm
    More information:  

There are loads more attractions worth visiting in Manchester but these are a good starting point and perhaps the exploring bug to start discovering the rest of the history of Manchester.

Enjoy exploring!